Give your buddy
a good place to go

No More Brown Grass

Save your lawn from those dreaded brown spots.

No More Messy Shoes

No more surprises to step in.

No More Doodle Hunting

Clean up is easy! No need to search your yard for doggy doodle.

No More Yellow Snow

Keep the snow in your yard clean all winter…. heated turf version in development.

Rethinking where your dog goes…

Give your pup a spot to piddle and your lawn a break with Piddle Products™! Our low maintenance Piddle Products™ kits are made with quality materials that won’t degrade over time.


Easy to Maintain

Piddle Products are built with eco-friendly materials that won’t degrade over time.


Save Money

Lower your maintenance cost on things such as grass seed and pick up services.

Our Piddle Products™ Family

We are working to offer three sizes of Piddle Products™ to fit your unique needs.


Piddle Park™

5′ x 6’ Semi-Permanent Fixture

The Piddle Park kit is perfect for residential properties and small community properties.


Piddle Park XL™

Our Piddle Park™, but larger! Perfect for:

Large Residential Properties
Large Yards
Commercial Properties
Coffee Shops
Municipal Parks
& more!

Piddle Patio™

Patent available upon demand. Contact us to learn more.

Piddle Products™ Buddy Gallery

Piddle Products™ Gives Back

3% of all profits goes to Scleroderma Warriors to increase scleroderma awareness and provide scholarships for those affected by scleroderma.

Learn more.

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